How Does SEO Increase Traffic on YouTube?

Utilize SEO to Increase Traffic on YouTube

YouTube is currently the second most famous search engine on internet. YouTube’s benefits and popularity is the cause for increase in videos on a regular basis. Videos are available on a wide range of topics, be it art or science almost all topics are being covered on YouTube. As there is an increase in videos, there is increase in competition. Therefore in order to appear on top pages of YouTube you require SEO. Proper SEO tactics and skills increase traffic on YouTube.

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Having a good video is not sufficient to increase traffic on YouTube, but by knowing the key factors that influence your video and by applying them you can get famous on YouTube. Generally the best way to do it is, hire a professional SEO or you can do it yourself by knowing the factors that increase traffic on YouTube. In order to help you increase traffic on YouTube we have listed some points below.

Key points to help you increase traffic on YouTube

Keywords, Title, Description and Tags

YouTube will ask you to insert keywords, title, description and tags while uploading your video. These are the heart and soul of your video, as they will directly impact the viewers to find your video on YouTube. This section requires proper research and analysis.

Example: You are uploading a video about what food can dogs eat; this title already exists in YouTube. So you have to check the competitor’s videos, keywords and description. You can use same tile and keywords; however the video is more likely to get famous if the content in it is different and useful. Hence, this requires different description that gives a brief or detailed explanation of the video.

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Beautiful, Unique and Useful Video increase traffic on YouTube

As we can clearly see that almost all type of information is now available on YouTube. Due to this reason, you have to ensure your video is not the same as other videos. Hence, watch your competitor’s videos and avoid copying their style or format. Keep it unique and beautiful, if your video has HD quality along with fresh information, it will be pleasant and interesting to watch and this automatically increases quality viewers.

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Use tools to increase traffic on YouTube

There are various tools that can assist you in getting appropriate keywords such as SEMrush, Moz and more. Apart from using the keywords through YouTube video searching option, you can opt for more keywords especially if your channel has many videos related to similar topics. Keywords can be found via competitor’s videos or tools.

Tags are words related to your video, this also impacts the search directly. Hence it is necessary to use appropriate words in tags. The words used in YouTube tags cannot be found on YouTube videos, so it is a must to use tools to know the tags suitable for your video. You can use your own ideas and creativity in tags, but it’s better to use tools such as vidIQ and more to know the competitors video tags. This can help you in getting appropriate tags to increase traffic on YouTube. Tools are best handled by SEO professionals, as they are aware about different tools that assist in increasing traffic.

Social Media Marketing to increase traffic on YouTube

YouTube videos can easily be shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. This is a cool way to increase traffic on YouTube, especially if you have a community on these sites your viewers can increase through these platforms. YouTube videos can be linked to your websites and blogs, this way your website and blog viewers can become your video viewers too.

Add more videos at the end of your video

YouTube channel provide the option for viewers to subscribe to your channel. If a specific viewer has liked your video, they will be interested to see more videos in your channel. For this you can add few of your YouTube videos at the end of the video, so that the viewer can watch them easily and subscribe to your channel.

Be interactive, kind and friendly

YouTube is a place where people can leave comments and interact with you. Each video provides this option for the viewers. So it is a must for you to interact with them and respond to them, as this will create a long lasting relationship with your viewers. By being interactive, kind and friendly there is a possibility of getting many shares for your videos, which will in turn increase traffic on YouTube. The tone and appearance in the video should be pleasant and easy to understand. Do not offend your viewers by passing rude or nasty comments.

Optimizing your video requires SEO; the points discussed here are some of the main tactics, however SEO professionals do look into some more essential points that increase traffic on YouTube. If the key points are well taken care off, there is every possibility to increase traffic on YouTube. The above mentioned points increases the number of quality viewers you get on YouTube for your videos.