Training for Students, Professionals & Job Seekers

New India Solutions provide high level of corporate training and coaching for students, professionals and job seekers. This helps the individuals in developing their skill set along with getting exposure to live projects.

Work from Home: With our extensive course for “Work from Home”, any individual can easily start working over different types of projects based on his specific skill set. We offer Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing along with SEO, SEM and SMM based projects to the selected individuals after going through the extensive course time.

Freelance Training: We help the job seekers in getting better results for their freelancing efforts through our dedicated freelance training and coaching course. This is the best type of freelance training which helps the individuals in grabbing more projects from different marketplaces and even start their own business.

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For whom this course is best suited?

Students: As student life is tough and more so when there is cash shortage almost all the times, we offer them the best option to get the experience of working over live projects. We not only help the students to earn through these projects, but also enable them to prepare for the future job without worry.

Professionals: If you are looking to extra money through your professional services, then you must join this course.

Job Seeker: It is very difficult to get the job in a good company in a very short time. This is when our training course will help you in getting most out of your time along with earning some extra money to pay for the due bills and other expenses.

We also offer SEO Training in Delhi for the students who want to learn the basics of getting the organic rankings for websites in search engines. As industry expert with more than 10 years of experience in SEO and Internet Marketing, we provide SEO training over live projects. Moreover, we help the students in gaining projects on their own through their own freelancing profiles.

We emphasize quality over quantity and offer training to selected individuals only.