Learn basis of Amazon SEO

Learn basis of Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO helps in getting sales and visibility on the amazon search engine. As amazon is famous worldwide, the competition is high. Knowing SEO tactics for Amazon can help you in getting brand recognition and sales.  Algorithms of Amazon are liable to change, however the basics discussed here have a strong base in the Amazon algorithms. The tips we quoted here work as a natural link between the buyers and sellers on Amazon. These points are visible to customers while their browse on the amazon search engine, so proper usage of these tips impacts the success of your product.

Amazon SEO tips


Amazon SEO is an asset for the sellers on amazon. Sellers might be having excellent products with good features; however they cannot be recognized on the amazon search engine until they apply the tactics of Amazon SEO.  It is essential for buyers to know the key factors that impact their visibility on Amazon because it gives them business.  Ranking on top pages of amazon can lead to more sales; generally buyers browse the first few pages to buy their products.  Knowing the importance of Amazon SEO, we have discussed some tips below.

Tips to practice in Amazon SEO

Quality product

Amazon values buyers; hence the algorithms are set up in a manner that ensures people buying products from Amazon are satisfied. Customer satisfaction depends on quality.  Therefore while selling products on Amazon, value your customers and give them the best. This tip works for getting sales on Amazon and everywhere.

Be reliable

Sales multiply on Amazon when buyers can trust you, for this the sellers have to keep up their word. For example:  If the buyer is selling pure cotton and quotes this in their description, then the material has to be pure cotton. If the buyer sells rayon instead of pure cotton, this will break customers trust and lead to bad reviews.

Keywords in Title

Amazon SEO currently gives importance to the title of the products. Title is a direct link between the buyers and the sellers; hence it must contain useful information related to the product. Information in the title should contain keywords with which the customers can easily locate the product they are searching for. Currently the main information to be listed in the title is product type, material or key feature of the product, color, size, packaging/ quantity and brand name.  Ensure the title is user friendly and easy to ready. Do not overload the title with words and do not make it look messy. Amazon SEO tools can help in finding appropriate titles.

Amazon SEO title

Product description

Describe the features and benefits of your products by using bullet points. The product description should be clear, self-explanatory and easy to understand. This phase helps buyers to know the products, so please give it importance and give reliable information.  Keywords can be used in product description, as this enhances the visibility on amazon search engine.

Backend keywords are an excellent Amazon SEO feature

Stuffing the screen with keywords is not a sensible option, so Amazon has given its users the option of entering backend keywords. Backend keywords do not appear on the amazon website, but sellers can add words related to their products, so that the buyers can find them with these keywords too.  Example:  if the product is silver earrings, then backend keywords can be beautiful earrings, ethnic earrings, floral earrings, colorful earrings and so on. These words will not appear on the product page, but when users type these words, the product will be included in the search engines pages.


Products with good pictures are a must for Amazon SEO.  Customers like to know how their products look, hence it is essential to give them reliable photos with good quality and zoom in features.  Uploading genuine pictures will increase the sales on amazon.


Customers depend on reviews while buying products. Amazon has a way to trace fake reviews and it penalizes sellers who use fake reviews to sell products.  Hence work towards getting legit reviews from customers, as this automatically increases the visibility on Amazon.  Avoid illicit methods for getting reviews as this can destroy your brand name all together. Give good products, quality service and enjoy the results. This mantra increases your sales, additional sales also leads to top rankings on Amazon.

Amazon SEO reviews

Fill all details in product page

Do not skip any information while uploading the product page, as amazon gives priority to products that have all details on their website. This is also one of the key points to be noted in Amazon SEO.

By following these tips sellers can succeed on Amazon.  Several Amazon SEO tools can be used to get competitors product information, based on this the sellers can enter details that benefits customers. Apart from this, sellers can use internal and external advertisements to gain brand recognition and business on Amazon.