How do blogs benefit e commerce sites?

Blogs benefit e commerce sites

Blogs benefit e commerce sites to get sales and recognition. Blogging is an essential part in SEO strategy, because blogs generate traffic. Sales executives play a vital role in shops for selling products.  In a similar manner blogs play a crucial role for selling products online.   For example: Customers go to a mobile store and speak to sales executive before buying a mobile, the same applies to several products and services. Blogs benefit e commerce sites in selling their products and services. Sales executives are not physically present on the website, but their presence can be felt via a blog.

Blogs benefit ecommerce sites

Informative blogs benefit e commerce sites

Customers like to know the product, before they buy it. It is not enough if they see the product description and its photo, they prefer knowing more. Hence, blogs can be used to discuss the benefits, limitations, features and functioning of the products. Blogs can be written on a varied range of topics related to the products and its services. Blogs can compare different products and quote which is better. Generally this task is done by sales executives in a shop, whereas online the same task can be done via blogs.

SEO blogs benefit e commerce sites

E-commerce websites require sales; sales are directly linked to people. People can buy the products provided they know the product exists. Top rankings on search engines, helps in gaining customers and brand recognition. Blogs have long tail keywords, keywords, meta descriptions, SEO content, title tags, image tags, videos and more. As blogs have a wide range of features required by search engine algorithms, they can directly impact the visibility on search engines.  Quality blogs benefit e commerce sites to rank on top pages of search engines.

blogs benefit sites

Video blogs benefit e commerce sites

E-commerce websites can add video blogs to showcase their products. Customers like to know how the products works, how to use it and more, if all this information in shared in videos it builds customers trust for buying the product online. For example: If a website sells water purifier they should share tutorials on how to use it . Water testers show the purity of water; sharing a video that shows the purity of the water increases sales. Video blogs benefit e commerce sites to get large scale business.

Customer reviews and comments on blogs benefit business

Blogs have a section wherein customers can write reviews and comments. People like to know reviews and comments, and the best place to have them is a blog. Good reviews and comments influence new people to buy products on an e commerce site.

Social Media Networking

Blogs with useful information, good images and positive reviews are easily shared on social media. E-commerce website with one photo and short product description are not impressive.  It is easy to share blogs on social media. Quality blogs increase customers.

Blogs benefit e commerce sites

Internal links and external links increase with blogs

SEO algorithms gives importance to internal and external links, based on this website gets top ranking on search engine. Blogs are the best way to get internal and external links. E-commerce websites can get links through blogs; more links leads to more customers. Blogs increase the internal links on the site.  If people like the blog they will share it on their site this gives external links.  When SEO blogs are shared on other websites with similar interest, it leads to quality leads. This way blogs benefit ecommerce sites to gain customers.

Customer satisfaction depends on quality information online. It is not necessary that people will buy the product immediately after reading a blog. There is always a possibility to get more sales from quality blogs. E-commerce sites that want huge sales and brand recognition require blogs. Blogs benefit ecommerce sites to gain business online. Quality blogs helps customers and the business.